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Neptune connectors
  • LNG 100% 100%
  • Transportation 100% 100%
  • Heavy Equipment 100% 100%
  • Geophysical/ Oil and Gas 100% 100%
  • Energy Generation / Alternative Energy 100% 100%
  • Industrial Instrumentation 100% 100%
  • Railway / Mass Transit 100% 100%
  • Other Industrial 100% 100%

Neptune Connectors

Cylindrical, Machined Aluminum, Double Lead Acme Threaded Coupling, Rugged Environment.

Amphenol Industrial Operations introduces a new UL® LISTED power connector family. The new NEPTUNE® connector series is designed to perform in the most demanding environments.

NEPTUNE® incorporates our time tested Star-line family contact technology. The NEPTUNE series is a major improvement over the existing power connectors used in the market today. NEPTUNE offers a significant weight, space and mounting footprint reduction over our competition. UL® Listed amperage ratings include 30, 60, 100, 150 and 200 options, with 3 and 4 contact options available. NEPTUNE also offers a complete arrangement of back-shells that allows the user flexibility in their mounting choices. From straight plugs and panel mount receptacles, to inline receptacles and angle mounting options, NEPTUNE provides choices that were absent in the market previously.

Features & Benefits

  • 30 Amp through 400 Amp/1000 VAC inserts available
  • Decreased weight & panel layout compared to the competition
  • Double lead Acme threads for easy coupling
  • Machined contacts designed for longer life/mating cycles
  • Three key design to limit cross-mating
  • Machined aluminum dust cap for environmental protection
  • Plugs utilize mechanical clamp strain relief
  • VFD rated inserts


  • UL1682 listed
  • Machined aluminum components heat resistant to 750º F
  • Operating Temperature rated to -67º F to +225º F
  • IEC 61984
  • IP 68-8
  • Resistant to 60 G’s; Vibration exceeds Mil-STD-167-1