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Power Generation/ Turbo Machinery

Power Generation/ Turbo Machinery

Amphenol Industrial Products Group is committed to the energy and power generation industry. We offer products to meet the current and future needs of both traditional and new energy technologies. Amphenol provides a broad range of products for data transfer, control and monitoring, and power distribution. In addition, we can provide customized solutions to meet the needs of the industry. Amphenol is continually developing new technologies to offer the best reliable solution to the energy markets. Our products and services deliver reliability, ease of installation, low loss, and the high signal integrity required for this demanding market. Let Amphenol Industrial help you offer the most competitive and reliable energy products available in the world.

From small scale turbine engines and Micro-turbines to fuel cells and Stirling engines, and everything in between, Amphenol has connector solutions to match. With a proven history in the portable turbine generator market, and industry leading contact technology, we can address the unique requirements that the power generation technology of the future demands.

Large scale power generation in the form of Steam and Gas Turbine technology continues to provide the main source of electrical power to the grid. Amphenol has been providing interconnect solutions to this market for over 40 years. We have a wide variety of power and signal connectors, integrated solutions and new custom designs to serve this growing market.

Amphe-EX for Turbines – typically installed inside J/box to avoid loop testing in installation and maintenance. The Amphe-EX™ is complimentary to Amphenol’s industry-proven Star-Line EX™. In addition, the rugged Amphe-EX™ connectors are ATEX, IECex, EAC approved for Zone 1,2,21,22 rated applications. Signal and Fiber Optic Custom Cable Assemblies available up request.

EFP Hermetic Connectors EX Class I Div 1 / Zone 1: 150 Bar. Easy installation and maintenance. Connector is tested to 150bar but operates at 85bar.


Star-line Connectors for easy plug and play the modular powergen solutions. Avoiding loop-testing and escalation of associated issues. Flexibility and easy plug and play. Fast disconnection of interconnecting cables. Assemblies can be shipped ready to plug-in and activate.

  • Star-line Rig Power Radsok up to 1000VAC and 1500A & Starline VFD
  • R24 Power Connectors 4/0 AWG (120sqmm) to 777MCM (400sqmm) Inline or panel mount receptacles. Up to 1500A
  • HDE/ EFP – EX Class I Div 1 / Zone 1 The zero dwell snap action and labyrinth flame path facilitates use in many hazardous locations.
  • Single Power connectors, 3,4,5 pole Power connectors, Cable Assemblies Heavy mate, Cable Assemblies Amphe-Armor, Cable assemblies Amphe-lite
  • EC systems provides plastic injection molding and over-molding services utilizing machines that provide an effective method for plastic drying. We employ state-of-the-art injection molding processes using either epoxy or polyurethane resins to produce high-quality cable assemblies. Custom molded assemblies that offer reliable functionality and an increased service life with superior protection from moisture and the elements.

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