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AME - RIG-LOK Connector

HSP1 series

The HSP1 series is based on the HDS series but has application specific modifications for use in the harsh, high vibration environments found in the drilling industry. Typically the connectors are used in power delivery to: top drives, gen sets, traction motors, draw works, mud pumps etc.

The footprint on the panel is the industry standard ‘24’ (same as RMPR). Service duty up to 1135A and 1000V. Environmental sealing is to IP68 and the connector is sealed internally to avoid ingress when not mated. The extended coupling nut has locking screws to prevent disengagement under vibration. Copper contacts from 4/0 to 777MCM can be supplied with low resistance louvered bands for improved electrical and vibration performance. Typically the connector shells are colored for phase identification. A ‘through shell’ grounding system is available for increased operator safety and RFI protection.


  • North America (NEC 500/505)
  • Class I Div 2
  • IP68 Ingress Protection